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Finance Director

TITLE: Finance Director

REPORTS TO: President & CEO

PURPOSE OF POSITION: This position directs administration of internal organizational functions and the development and operation of the financial system including accounting and financial reporting.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA: Finance and accounting

1. Prepare and maintain all accounting records, including but not limited to: general ledger, cash
receipts and disbursements, agency disbursements and designation disbursements.
2. Prepare all income and expense reports.
3. Administer insurance, banking and investment activities.
4. Administer payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.
5. Develop and monitor operating budget.
6. Coordinate all financial records for annual audit.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA: Management of pledges including designations

1. Maintain a system of monitoring and reconciling all pledges, collections, and annual tax receipts.
2. Responsible for distributing designations from donors for each campaign year.
3. Responsible for data entries related to all pledges for receipts, disbursements, billings, etc.
4. Prepare collection, total pledge, and funding availability reports.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA: Administration, personnel and operations

1. Responsible for monitoring and keeping current member agency and non-member agency compliance information current.
2. Attend Committee and Board Meetings as directed by the President and see that accurate minutes are kept of meetings on file in the corporate office
3. Perform limited personnel duties and assist with maintenance of personnel files
4. Responsible for all State and Federal filing of reports, including Charitable Solicitation Registration, TN Corporate Annual Report, 990, 1099’s, wage reports, etc.
5. Manage organization information based on retention policy.
6. Perform other duties as assigned by the President.

KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREA: A Self-Directed Team for Our United Way

1. Understand, support and feel ownership for the UWWT goals
2. Be willing to put UWWT goals ahead of your own
3. Trust other members of the UWWT team
4. Utilize a selfless focus by understanding and listening before forming an opinion
5. Be both “task” and “team” oriented

EFFECT ON END RESULTS: Primary Impact on over-all effectiveness

1. The interpretation of the purposes of United Way to the communities and counties we serve; evident in continued good relations with both the counties and agencies and growth of the United Way in terms of increased funds raised each year.
2. The sound administration of the affairs of the counties served in good public relations and good record keeping and reporting financial progress.
3. The development of good volunteer relations and increasing the number of effective volunteers, resulting in a smooth collaborative team of laymen and staff.
4. The exercise of good judgement and competence in implementing stated needs, objectives and interest of United Way as enunciated by the Board of Directors of UWWT and within the latitudes of responsibilities defined by the President.
5. Evaluated based on annually set goals and objectives.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, or Business Administration or equivalent combination of education and experience

Experience: 1-2 years in accounting and finance.

Job Type: Exempt

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